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CBD is very beneficial when helping our system to stay calm and balanced; it has been proven that CBD is a non-toxic and non-addictive substance and doesn’t cause any significant side effects. It was just not long ago when all CBD products very not permitted and found to be illegal here. But as the ban is lifted for the medical use of cannabis and its benefits are more widely understood more and more Australians will be able to access CBD.

CBD is mostly known for its soothing effects, as it works together with our endocannabinoid system it restores the balance or the body, helping with mood regulation and even productivity. Unfortunately part of the plan to keep cannabis use low has been to scare people and give false information. Luckily those times seem to be over, and we can have a real and honest look into researching the cannabis plant and the full range benefits that it can bring to our lives, positively influencing our health.

As CBD is not psychoactive, it is safe to use anywhere, also at work. It might enhance the ability to stay focused and stay centred throughout the day, making you more productive whatever it is that you do for your work. CBD works by cooperating with our system, keeping the balance even when your outside circumstances change, making you more resistant to external stressors. In a hectic work environment, we can feel drained very fast; the body will react to stress and go to a flight and fight response creating a lot of adrenaline. This is a very tiring process for your body and can cause long term damage to your system if stress is not treated. Your immune system and metabolism become affected and you are more prone to be sick, drained, mentally exhausted and lose your stamina.

CBD steps in and keeps this flight or fight mode under control; you have a better ability to stay relaxed and resolve issues with a calm mind. Using CBD before a stressful meeting or conversation might give you the extra confidence to address any problems that may become present. It is recommended to take CBD as a daily supplement, but it has still the same beneficial effects even if it is taken short term.
CBD can also work as a good after-work supplement, especially if your work is doing something physical or if your job means sitting for long hours. Whatever tires your body and can take the body out of balance and could this could be rectified and be put back into balance with CBD as it helps to restore the body back to its optimal state.

Taking a capsule might be the easiest way if you are taking your medicine at work but of course, finding your way and what feels the best is recommended. If you have not taken CBD before it is recommended to start with low doses and see how you feel. You can’t overdose on CBD, but as our bodies are different, it would be better if you go slowly to see how the product and dosage makes you feel. There are also creams and roll-ons that can be applied topically after physical discomfort, so there is something for everyone.

In Australia, you can only buy CBD products that have a very low or no THC so taking them will not contradict with any drug rules at your workplace as there are no psychoactive ingredients involved.

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