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Marijuana scientifically known as cannabis is one the most exciting plants to ever exist in human history. It’s been known for its many medically healing properties and is also typically associated with recreational (adult) use and has even used for pets.

Cannabis first shows up in the archeological records around 37 million years ago. Ranging from modern-day Kazakhstan to the Eastern Himalayas. The plant evolved to make THC as a defense mechanism against plant-eating animals due to its very unpleasant taste and psychoactive effects that all of its potential predators are receptive to.

​Humans started using it in the last 8000 years, initially eating its seed as a food source, it was later discovered that the plant stems could be used to make high-quality fibers because it is very tough and rot resistant. The fibers from the stems are made from cellulose and have been used for thousands of years in durable items ranging from clothing and rope to paper and bowstrings. Some of the cannabis products have survived until today. It has been used in societies all the way from Spain to Taiwan and later also in America.

Let’s also talk about the psychoactive part of marijuana, THC; it works by mimicking the effects of pre-existing neurotransmitters in our brain knows as cannabinoids. These neurotransmitters are present in all animals, fish, reptiles, mammals. They work by altering the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain which as a result causes the brain function to alter. But THC is not the only thing interesting in cannabis, it has many other different cannabinoids that can be useful for us.
Cannabis can be addictive but merely saying it’s addictive is misleading. Coffee can be addictive, sugar can be addictive, so can heroin and alcohol. There has never been a recorded case of someone overdosing or dying on marijuana.

Today there is considerable interest in the medical properties of cannabis. As it helps with vomiting and appetite in people with AIDS or during chemotherapy. It can help people with insomnia, stress and chronic pain as it also works as an inflammatory substance. Also, it helps people with epilepsy and even Tourettes syndrome.

​​It’s a misconception that all cannabis is the same and it all revolves around the psychoactive THC, cannabis has so many other cannabinoids that can impact a person in different ways. There are more different varieties and strains of marijuana than there are dog breeds. Some specific medically focused strains have the THC bred out of them. For example, people with epilepsy use medicine from a plant that has very low THC and high CBD, another cannabinoid in the plant. This cannabinoid has saved many lives, including the life of children.

There is a massive push by the medical society to make specific use of medical cannabis legal around the world. This will help us combat health problems as it has the potential to be used as a synthesized drug that can help people who suffer from issues that can easily be prevented or controlled by increasing the cannabinoids in their systems that don’t necceseraly involve THC. Most diseases are a result of a cannabinoid deficiency.

Cannabis has been around us for thousands of years and helped us in so many ways and it keeps assisting us as we discover more about the medicinal value it can bring to the lives of the sick.

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