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Cannabis pain relief tampons have been created and now actually exist, so no more having to deal with crazy period pains each and every month! The cannabis inserts have been developed in a way that it eases the pain without giving you any psychoactive effect. Although more research has to be done, the early signs of the worlds first trials are very promising. Many of the patients in the trial are finding they are having a significant reduction in pain and discomfort using both a blend of CBD and THC.

Women have said it helps relieve their lower back pain, cramps and helps lift their mood. They are finding it more effective compared to when taking conventional painkillers. Some women even say that the CBD oil helps reduce their inflammation and bloating, so they can continue on with their everyday life without the need to take time off.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a treatment to ease menstrual pain and discomfort. Now as medicinal cannabis is gaining back it’s popularity, women can start legally benefiting from it. Because cannabis is natural, it helps give women in need a safer health choice, as they will be able to give up the strong pharmaceutical painkillers that adversely effect the gut health and heart.

You can also use medical cannabis as an insert with regular tampons, inserting the medicine first, waiting for 15 minutes and then adding the regular tampon. The female organism will absorb the dose of CBD and THC, relax the muscles and ease the pain, as the cannabinoids are working with our natural endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and pain.

Cannabis tampons are not your regular tampon; they contain medicine that will be absorbed by the vagina and then it still works as a regular tampon. For women with massive cramps, it can be a fantastic option, the THC helps with the pain but it will not give the “high & stoned” effect. At the moment medicinal tampons are only available in the US, but as the research and clinical trials continue it will only be a matter of time before we can get them in Australia too.

A lot of women think about period pain as a regular part of their month; they go on with their lives feeling uncomfortable and believe this is how has to be and they can’t do anything about it.

Sadly, it’s not even considered a medical condition although women with severe pain can’t go to work or school, and end up spending days in bed without being able to function normally. Women who have this level of pain and discomfort feel it is a sickness and a serious condition, there simply has to be more done to help them.

If you have heavy cramps and pain during or before your periods, let your doctor check to see if you have an underlying condition that affects the way you feel during that time of the month. It can be that you are suffering from primary or secondary dysmenorrhoea. This can mean that your body produces a higher level of a natural chemical called prostaglandins, this chemical helps the uterus contract and shed the lining. Always contact your GP if you feel the change in your menstrual cycle, pain during sex, or vaginal bleeding. Don’t suffer in silence, debilitating pain is NOT normal and should be treated as a medical condition.

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