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A concussion is more common than you would think, there are even more events that go undiagnosed. A recent study that shows that childhood concussions can affect the way the child develops to become dependent on drugs and alcohol. But no actual treatment is available, leaving people who have suffered a concussion to deal with the consequences.

CBD can be the solution; a study shows that it’s able to protect the brain’s cells from long-term damage. The US government hold a current patent on cannabinoids for neuroprotective abilities. The evidence is there that medical cannabis (CBD) can be useful for patients all ages.

Simply put, concussion happens when the brain “bumps” the skull after a hit on the head, like during a car accident or in contact sports or after a major fall. This kind of Bump, even when it’s mild, is traumatic for the brain. When the brain has trauma, it releases glutamates, which are responsible for the calcium buildup over time and cell degeneration. The main concern of concussions are the long-term effects like dementia. A concussion can be very dangerous; long-term concussions and their effect have been well documented in NFL players, including concussion-related deaths. Memory loss, aggression, a change in motor function and even depression or suicide are frequent symptoms of athletes who have suffered a concussion during their careers.

Unfortunately there has been no commonly used treatment plan for people who suffer a  head trauma. The most recommended care has been to simply rest and take mild analgesics. It’s clear that this has not been effective enough and more serious research has been underway. One option that has been showing effective results has been medical cannabis, as it’s active CBD compounds have shown good results in controlling brain cell deterioration.

Everything to do with the brain should be taken very seriously, so the worlds’ leading doctors and neurological researches are working on this. There is strong evidence that CBD oil from cannabis carries protective and healing properties on the brain. At the moment there is one significant 5 year study going on at the University of Miami by doctor Michael Hoffer. He wants to create a CBD medicine, a so-called cannabis pill, that when taken will stop the disruptive chemical reactions in the brain after the accident, saving brain cells and making the impact as small as possible.

CBD is not psychoactive, so it has no side effects and can be taken at any age. So fingers crossed Doctor Hoffer creates the magic pill for future concussion victims. CBD has shown to also be effective with managing pain, stress, anxiety all of which can be a byproduct of a concussion.

At the moment there is no real treatment for concussion here in Australia, and medical cannabis availability is quite limited because not a lot of research has been made into this field. Head injuries are widespread in contact sports like Rugby League and AFL, but not all incidences are recorded so the real numbers are unknown, a long-term study and classification reassessment has to be done.
Did you know that the number of concussions increases by one concussion for every 50 AFL matches played? The longer the career, the higher the risk to suffer brain damage.

We do hope this is changing, as people work towards finding solutions and a new way of treating head injuries.

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