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1. CBD is not psychoactive, THC is. Most CBD based medicines have little or no THC at all. Making them safe to use without the “high’ effect. For that reason, CBD oils are legally available for medical use.

2.  Your body creates cannabinoids, we have a full endocannabinoid system in our body that helps with mood, pain and maintaining overall balance within our organism. CBD works as a healing agent within this naturally occurring system in our body without the risks and side-effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

3. CBD oil can help change a child’s quality of life, especially in kids with epilepsy and seizures. Kids with 100  seizures a day can go down to zero seizures when taking CBD oil-based medicine. The CBD therapy has been effective for kids with specific syndromes, and the study continues to determine the full range and value of cannabis-based medicine in treating seizures. Imagine being the parent of an epileptic child, who is suffering 300+ seizures a day… then all of a sudden after a drop of some natural organic CBD oil no more seizures. The parents and other siblings can now get a full nights sleep for the first time! Life Changing for the whole family.

​​4. CBD oil can be expensive as the cost mostly comes from the pockets of the parents treating their child with no help or subsidy from the government. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme doesn’t have medical cannabis on their list. More clinical trials have to be done to get TGA approval. Making the oil at home is illegal in Australia as CBD is still a schedule 4 drug.

5. Not all oils have a similar effect as different products can produce very different outcomes. Doing your research to ensure that you find the right strain and dosage is crucial in treating kids with medical cannabis products. Read the reviews, talk with others and research as much as you can before buying anything.

6. Some Parents with a sick child have moved countries to get the medicine. Now that this CBD medicine is legal in Canada, Uruguay and some states in America, it has led to Australian families moving to these countries to get the treatment they their need for their child.

7. CBD oil as a medicine has proven to be useful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This of course has been under doctors supervision as each human reacts differently to CBD based on the dosage and the quality of the medicine.

8. CBD medicine helps enhance the quality of life for kids with autism and ADHD. As a natural substance, it helps with mental clarity and soothing the nervous system giving it a little break and improving the mood of the patient.

9. CBD medicine is easy to consume with food or drinks. Kids who don’t mind the taste can take the oil straight as a sublingual placed under the tongue. In the future we will see a lot of food and beverages with CBD in the products. There is CBD water, CBD chocolate, CBD Teas and a large number of new and innovative CBD based medicinal food and beverages hitting the market each year.

10. More research is on its way, to determine the full range of possibilities to help humans treat different auto immune disorders with CBD. The more studies that are conducted, the more available the medicine will be to the patients that need it.

11. Taking cannabis-based medicine is not something to be ashamed of. Misleading information around cannabis stops kids getting the help they need. It is proven that kids with seizures, different syndromes, anxiety and even with cancer have had help from CBD medicine.

12. Doctors believe in the benefits of cannabis and CBD but can’t prescribe it because there has to be more research done to prove the benefits and get the approvals from the government. Once the clinical trials have been done and the evidence is overwhelmingly positive, you will see CBD become mainstream, just like coffee.

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