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You probably already know that cannabis is made up of a lot of components, hundreds of them, some psychoactive and some not, making it a very complicated and fascinating medicine plant. CBD is widely known for its healing properties, and it’s widely used to help with different health problems as it doesn’t have any psychoactive side-effects like THC. But even if it’s not psychoactive, can it still be addictive? Let’s take a closer look.

People feel concerned, and it’s natural as there are a lot of myths circling the cannabis plant and it has been demonised for a long time, people are cautious as it is only now that research information about cannabis and its effects and benefits comes out slowly. Addiction itself is simple to understand, your brain develops a chronic condition where it seeks out a particular substance, harmful or not. Dependence is developed when it starts changing the way our brain cells transport information.
Most addictive substances influence dopamine production, making us feel pleasure. As some substances can enhance dopamine giving an extra boost to the ‘good feeling” it becomes addictive, meaning this person will continue to repeat this to feel the sensation again and again. The brain learns the new way, as it starts producing less dopamine naturally, meaning if the substance is not taken this person can feel very low as the natural balance is disrupted. If that person will not stop taking it the circle continues.

CBD oil is mostly made from stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant, usually containing very little or no THC which is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, that makes CBD to be a low addiction substance. CBD contains healthy fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients and it works together with our inner endocannabinoid system that balances our brain and nervous system. It does not influence the reward system of the brain, where usually the addiction is created. Last year the World Health Organization confirmed that CBD is a non-addictive substance and is safe for human consumption.

Even if CBD product contains a little THC, it has been found not to be addictive as the amount is so small. Also, there is proof that CBD counteracts with the effects of THC, keeping its effects lower so there is no need to be worried about the little THC content in CBD products. CBD has been found to be non-toxic and safe for use even in high amounts, making it safe for use in children. It has natural calming and soothing effects, helping with anxiety and mood regulation. Instead of changing our brain it supports the natural homeostatic state in our body, keeping it function in a more stable state regardless of outside conditions.

There has been never a case reported of overdosing of CBD, but of course, doing your homework and searching for pure and well-made products is highly recommended. Always know what you are putting into your body. Also, always start with low doses, working your way up as time goes as you get more accustomed to the use and any effects it might have.

In Australia you can only order CBD products that are made from Hemp stems, not any other parts of the plant, so make sure you know what you are buying to make sure you do not conflict with the law.

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