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Giving your pet CBD oil can have great benefits. It might help with anxiety, behaviour, eating disorders and limit seizures. At the moment pet owners in Australia can only access hemp-based CBD products, as any other CBD product is not yet legally available in Australia.

CBD has almost no side-effects, which makes it a perfect supplement for your pet. Although the research is ongoing, it does seem that all pets react to cannabis compounds differently. However early studies show that close to 70% of cats and dogs suffer from anxiety, using CBD is a great option to treat anxious and sick pets with medical cannabis. The market for CBD medicine for pets has grown intensely all over the world. As the CBD molecule from the plant is not psychoactive, it is well suited for our animal friends. .

​​Like in humans CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, restoring the balance in the body. Owners who have pets with severe pain do want to have more options when treating the pain, instead of pharmaceutical painkillers or steroids with heavy side-effects, they want something natural and effective. Pet owners in America have tried cannabis-based medicine and are reporting it has changed their pets life for the better. There is a current ongoing study at the Colorado State University that is treating seizures and epilepsy in dogs, the result are promising – dogs who are treated with CBD have 89% less epileptic seizures plus their mood and behaviour changed for the better.

Our lives are stressful so are our pets lives. Owners do believe that because of their busy life their pets get also stressed. They can feel abandoned or suffer from separation anxiety each and every time we leave the house or go away on holiday without them. Animals react to what is going on around them, and like us, they also need help to manage the anxieties that build up over time. So giving pet owners a way to help their pets will create a calm environment for both the pets and their owners. There is nothing worse than seeing your pet in distress, and you can’t do anything about it.

Vets are still cautious about medical cannabis for pets, they can hear the testimonials from owners that have used CBD but as there is no hard scientific evidence, they can’t legally prescribe cannabis medicine yet. As there is no specific dosage determined it’s all about starting low and starting slow. The industry will become regulated as more focused research has to be done to move things forward. Conscious people in animal care are waiting, as there is a big hope that CBD can help animals with a variety of conditions and is more natural than heavy pharmaceutical drugs.

There is this huge potential for pets, as cannabis medicine has shown to help with anxiety in animals, calming them down. It has proved to be a good painkiller, assisting animals with injuries. Animals with epilepsy have been treated successfully with CBD. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory substance, as CBD can help animals with joint problems or even arthritis. CBD can help to control appetite and vomiting, being an excellent support for animals that are going through cancer treatment. Cannabis medicine has also shown to slow down tumor growth both in animals and humans.

There is significant potential for our pets, and as more research is underway we stay watchful and hope cannabis medicine for animals will become legal in Australia.

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