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With the cannabis industry being so fresh in Australia, it is a confusing time for people to understand the difference between Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, and Hemp CBD Oil and their use. Legally in Australia, we can grow, produce and sell Hemp Oil and use it in different products in Australia but as for CBD Oil, this is currently still prohibited.

Both Hemp and CBD oil are derived from the same Cannabis sativa plant, but the part of the plant that is used for making oil is different. A different section of the plant contains varying amounts of CBD. The highest concentration of CBD is usually found in the flowers, leaves, and stalks. Those parts are generally used to make medicine for people who are using CBD oil as part of their treatment plan.

Hemp Oil is only produced from the seeds of the cannabis plant and usually contains a very small amount of CBD. Hemp oil is filled with good fats and vitamins so it’s widely used as a superfood, with many people adding it to their smoothies or taking it in capsules. Hemps oil is not used as a medicine to treat different conditions including concussions.

If you are buying Hemp CBD Oil in Australia, it’s a big chance that this oil is made from the seeds of the plant and only contains a tiny amount of CBD, as it’s currently prohibited to use the flower, leaves and stalk to produce CBD Oil for consumer use as it is still a schedule 8 drug. So make sure you research your products.

Cannabis is being legalized all around the globe, with many cannabis products appearing all over the internet. Know that cannabis sativa comes in two different variations – hemp (what most CBD is made of) and marijuana. Usually, most of Australia’s legal CBD is made from the hemp plant, but it can also come from the more potent marijuana plant. Hemp CBD Oil always comes from the seeds, and medicinal CBD oil comes from other parts of the plant, this is the easiest way to remember the difference – seeds v plant.

When referring to full spectrum CBD oil, we are talking about ALL the other compounds that come with the oil, including other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, terpenoids and flavonoids. Those are not present in Hemp Oil.

Hemps oil is valuable as a superfood and a great supplement to our diet. It’s high in Omega 3 and 6, and it contains various minerals and vitamins. There are many health and beauty products out there like soaps and creams that are based on hemp oil.

CBD oil has more medicinal properties, as it has been widely used to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, eating disorders, diseases like Parkinson and more. Many medical cannabis companies are making top quality CBD products, making it a very valuable healing solution for many conditions.

We have two powerful oils that we use for 2 different reasons – Hemp Oil for its nutritional value and CBD Oil for its medicinal value.

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