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Did you know that you have cannabis receptors in your body, in your cells and in your DNA? Not only is cannabis beneficial to your metabolism, but the cannabis compound called THC is manufactured by your own body. Your cannabinoid receptors are also stimulated by a lot of other foods as well. So if cannabis as a plants is “bad” for you, so too are things like carrots, broccoli, citrus fruits, mustard, and chocolate.

Classifying cannabis as a dangerous substance was one of the boldest frauds in human history. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors as medicine until it was banned in the early 1900s.

Cannabis when used appropriately is like any other vegetable and is necessary for improving your health. Cannabis is packed with essential nutrients and healing properties. It’s a healing plant even when it’s fresh and not heated, dried or aged. When cannabis is raw from the plant, it is not a narcotic, it will not be psychoactive until it is heated. It does not make you high if consumed in its natural state.

You body’s cannabis receptors are looking for the fresh, raw, unprocessed plant. Having cannabis receptors in our DNA means that we must have used cannabis as a nutrient for most of our human evolution.

The cannabis receptors in our cells mean four things: 1. Our body recognizes cannabis 2. Uses it to maintain health in the body3. Needs it and4. Our health is better when we get it, otherwise, those receptors would not be there.

​​We are not talking here about the heated, smoked, dried cannabis that makes you high. We are talking about the fresh plant. It’s a nutrient, one of the best that you can put in your body. It’s one of the most potent healers on Earth. Sadly we have been in the dark with this knowledge for a very long time.

The fact that we have cannabis receptors in our DNA may mean that cannabis has been part of human diet for millions of years, as an essential nutrient and source of food. Research shows that cannabis provides an astonishing number of medical benefits. So much so that you might not be in peak health unless you consume some raw cannabis time to time.

We have been lied to about its positive effects, and this has now caused significant damage to millions of people for 3 generations now. The demonization of cannabis correlates to the early promotion of the pharmaceutical industries, where wealthy investors in drug companies needed legislation to discourage competition from inexpensive natural therapies.

This is indeed not the only time the commercial interests have bought legislation to benefit some industries at the expense of the public. Have you ever wondered why cannabis was prohibited when it is far less harmful to the body and mind when smoked compared to that of alcohol and prescription drugs.

We have been misinformed that a powerful healing plant has been made out to be a killer drug. Most people who are alive today can’t even remember a time when we were not lied to about cannabis. If the government had not put cannabis out of our reach, we would be curing ourselves naturally without the toxic drugs.

Cannabis has been classified as a dangerous substance with no therapeutic value when it’s undeniable that cannabis is one of the most potent nutrients available to humankind. Cannabis does help patients with cancer, it stops seizures, rebuilds the immune systems and restores health to all the cells in our bodies. Cannabis performers multiple healing functions at the cellular level, where everything that matters in your body takes place.

Cannabis kills no one, even when it’s used as a recreational drug. Compared to alcohol, which kills hundreds of thousands of people every month from addiction which causes liver failure and even death.

The rediscovery of the benefits of cannabis to the human body is a big story. Luckily the conventional war against cannabis is crumbling; the world is awakening. Research has been taken seriously, and more investigation has started. Law enforcement has begun to focus on the real problem drugs like crack and heroin.
If you have thought that cannabis is harmful to you, you might want to start exploring the alternative views and educate yourself.

Below in the diagram is a short list of all the patients who are suffering from these ailments where cannabis has helped them.

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