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The actress and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg, has never denied that she likes cannabis and is using cannabis products. There is no denying that cannabis is a big business in the US and growing all over the world, so Whoopi wanted to be a part of it but she wanted to do it in her  own way, looking through the eyes of a female. She wanted to create something effective that helps women in their everyday life, fighting with pain or discomfort.

Women have used pharmaceutical painkillers to treat their PMS, however Whoopi had a plan to bring something more natural to the market – focused on medical cannabis-based products.

Whoopi decided to work with the best, she did her research and got together with an industry veteran Maya Elisabeth to create products that help women with period pain and cramps. Out came a line of tinctures, balms, bath soaks, and sipping chocolate. One of the favorite ones is her antioxidant-rich organic chocolate. Chocolate is effective with PMS as it’s full of iron and micronutrients and helps to facilitate the happy hormone released in the body during a woman’s periods. Combined with cannabis it has an extra pleasant effect.

Whoopi & Maya’s products are non-psychoactive, meaning they will not give you a “high” effect. They are intended to work as a medicine. Still, their products are only available in  California and Colorado, as not all states regard severe menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) as a medical condition. Although people who have never had menstrual cramps can’t relate, it’s a problem for many, and by helping to change peoples life quality and productivity, Whoopi hopes that there will be more talks about how to help women with this condition in the future.

There is a rumor that even Queen Victoria used cannabis for PMS, although this is not a proven fact, it still makes us talk about the issue and makes us see the connection and thus find the solution that can change peoples lives.

Medical cannabis is legal for Medical use in Australia, but it still has a lot of limitations, being only available for some conditions, menstrual pain not being one of them. Unluckily there has not been many studies done in Australia on the effect of medical cannabis on period pain and cramps, meaning it will be a long process until women can get legal access to cannabis-based medicine to treat their pain.

Until then we cheer along Whoopi’s success, wait for clinical trials to be done in Australia, and hope women can use cannabis medicine in the future!
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