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Edibles are discreet and convenient to use. CBD edibles are a product of food or drink that contains CBD, a cannabinoid that helps with balance, mood and immune system. Edibles work through your liver, as you digest them the CBD will be metabolised and released into the bloodstream. The process is much slower than let’s say vaping, but CBD still reaches your endocannabinoid system and works together with receptors to balance the body. When you eat edibles it takes time before you feel the effect, as going through your stomach takes time, depending on your body it can take 30 minutes or even an hour before you think the CBD is working. As our bodies are different, the way CBD works with us is different; some people feel the effect sooner than others. You age, genetics, tolerance levels and overall health can affect this process.

Although it’s slower, eating edibles is a much more discreet way of taking your medicine. Especially if you are worried about what others around you think as not all people are educated enough to understand the value, benefits and safeness of CBD products. So people still like to hide it and not draw too much attention to themselves. If you are worried about what others think, edibles can be the go-to consuming method.

You can make or buy your edibles in nice small sizes so packing them to use on the run is easy. You can eat CBD while at work or in the office, at the gym, wherever you feel most comfortable to do so. CBD doesn’t cause any high, so it’s safe to consume wherever you are, and it goes together with other foods so you can eat it anytime. That’s why the popularity of edibles is growing day by day, it’s just very easy, and when you know how fast they work within your body, you can accurately dose to get the best benefit.

If you are truly new to CBD and you’re not sure how to take it, edibles could be the best way to start, as it is just straightforward. Instead of vaping or taking pure oil under the tongue you can eat something tasty and pleasant. It’s is pretty significant to have a good first experience so edibles can help with that. Choose small dosage edibles and see how it makes you feel, next time you can try something different. There are so many options for edibles, so many flavours and shapes and sizes.

Also if you have taken CBD before edibles can be a good change up. Maybe you are tired of just taking capsules or oil. Edibles give you so many options with flavour and types that will never will be boring. Also, it can be that you want to increase the dose, edibles make it easier, you just pick a product that has a higher CBD ratio. Or if you like cooking, it’s a fun way to be your own CBD Master Chef. You can use pure CBD isolate powder that has no colour and flavour to create your own recipes and make as strong or weak edibles as you want. It dissolves quickly in water and oil, so it’s easy to add to any food or drink. As CBD isolate, the powder is very potent make sure you measure everything precisely to make sure you know exactly how strong your creation is and then bon appetite!

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