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Your Guide to Medical Cannabis

At iCannabis we are focused on helping connect and educate Australian patients and their families with the powerful healing properties of Medical Cannabis.

We are a group that specializes in educating and helping Australian patients to gain access to Cannabis for Medical purposes. Through education and real life experiences with the medicine, we want to help transform the perception of cannabis and shine the light on the healing powers of this plant.

Once you discover the documented benefits that millions of patients around the world have received from the medicine, you too will realise how this can potentially change and improve the lives of you and your family. The positive impact this plant has already had on the quality of life for patients and their families is nothing short of impressive.

We have seen a 3 year old boy who was suffering 500+ seizures a week who then tried some high quality medical grade CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Instantly his seizures stopped and he now has 0 (ZERO) seizures a week! 500 seizures a week down to NONE instantly…just from putting a few drops of CBD oil under his tongue.

It was such an incredibly beautiful sight to see the relief the boy and his family experienced. Just take a moment to think about how this has affected his parents and their life, as they hadn’t had a full nights sleep in over 3 years! The “side effect” is that now both his brother and sister are finally able to enjoy some much deserved quality time with their parents.

That is what we believe medical cannabis is all about – “Improving the quality of life for not only our patients but also their families”

At iCannabis we are committed to establishing an Australian medical cannabis community comprised of passionate and caring people, focused on the highest quality plant medicine made with love and integrity.

We are the pioneers who are determined to write history, not just read about it…

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