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The question ‘Does cannabis have medicinal benefits?’ is no longer a valid one. Hundreds of scientific studies and proof from patients have shown the effectiveness of cannabis over the last hundreds of years. For a large number of people who suffer from AIDS, cancer, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis pharmaceutical medications do not give the level of relief from the illness as efficiently as medical cannabis does.

Medical cannabis refers to an unprocessed whole cannabis plant extract that treats symptoms for many illnesses and conditions. The primary medical interest is in the two cannabinoids THC and CBD. THC for its ability to increase appetite, reduce nausea, help with pain, inflammation, and tremors. CBD for its ability to control epileptic seizures and treat mental disorders and addictions.

Medical cannabis has medicinal value. Thousand of people have confirmed that they get relief from their symptoms while taking this form of medicine. Medical cannabis has legitimate therapeutic applications and should be available to everyone who is in need.

Doctors can prescribe very addictive Morphine and Vicodin but are struggling to find ways to prescribe medical cannabis. You can walk around on a cocktail of pHARMaceutical drugs, but you can’t use a natural plant cure that has very limited side effects. That’s because our generation in society has a distorted vision and understanding of cannabis. When talking about cannabis, people are thinking that everyone is sitting around smoking joints and getting high. There is so much confusing and misleading information out there that it interferes with discovering the full potential of medical cannabis for our health and wellbeing.

Medical cannabis shows a significant promise in lowering pain, supporting cancer treatment, managing injuries, spasm, tremors, post-traumatic stress disorder, nausea, glaucoma, helping with Parkinson and palliative care. There is so much potential to use cannabis as a medical option if the government would only recognize the potential, and will allow more research into the plant and allow patients to access it more efficiently.

How is it that using medical cannabis is so restricted and frowned upon when people are allowed to and recommended to use highly addictive opioids? Why can’t we use safer options? And why do we enable doctors to readily prescribe highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs yet we make it very hard to access the benefits of medical cannabis? It doesn’t make sense that something with fewer side effects and is less addictive can be made so hard to get and something highly addictive and potentially fatal is allowed so easily?

The evidence is very overwhelming; we can’t deny this. Medical cannabis can relieve a considerable amount of different symptoms caused by various illnesses and sometimes relieve even the symptoms and reliance of other drugs such as opiods. Also the fact is that is relatively safer at the same time, as it’s less toxic than many of those pharmaceutical drugs doctors prescribe every day and not one recorded death has ever occured due to medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis products can be easily tested for potency and contaminants and can be sterilised for safety. Cannabis eases pain and suffering and should be moved to being a regular and accessible part of our healthcare system.

Studies have found that medical cannabis is safe, effective and nontoxic when compared to standard pharmaceutical medicines. There is no such thing as an overdose with medical cannabis. Addiction to cannabis can be compared to an addiction to caffeine, like cannabis it can be misused but that is not a big enough reason to keep it away from people in need.

The fact is medical cannabis can be a very beneficial treatment for many symptoms and should be added to a list of medication that doctors routinely prescribe.

People with chronic illnesses find relief in medical cannabis. Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world have switched from highly toxic and disabling pharmaceutical drugs to nontoxic cannabis medicine. People with spinal injuries can walk without help, AIDS patients eat again, and chronic pain patients gain back their quality of life and cancer patients find the long-sought relief for their chemotherapy symptoms. People with addiction find their way back to peace, and people with mental illnesses have been healed. The proof is out there, and we should not ignore it.

Cannabinoids communicate with the receptors in our nervous system, helping with the pain and regulating our overall balance in a more natural way.  That offers therapeutic properties that could help with the treatment of neurological disorders. Cannabinoids-based products work as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotective medicine. Also regulating tumor growth and boosting the immune system.

The American Nurses Association found that medical cannabis should be accessible to patients as it has been used for centuries, it has been beneficial in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

There is proof of people getting other remarkable changes and relief with their symptoms. Much more than the traditional medicines that our doctors prescribe.

Cannabis is less harmless and less toxic than most of the conventional medicine prescribed and it should become a standard part of our medical system. Millions of people have used it for thousands of years and cannabis has never contributed to a death, that shows us something. Saying that medical cannabis is too dangerous to use is simply ignorant and incorrect. There are too many cases of opioids overdose deaths each and every day.

So why do we still keep medical cannabis so restricted?

There are over 60 compounds in cannabis that can have medicinal value for us. So more research has to be done to uncover the full potential of this healing plant. We should lead the way for a more holistic approach to our sicknesses and treatment of our conditions.

It’s about the patient not the laws, or the political issues. Why do we let patients look like criminals. It’s cruel to keep away something that can help people to gain back their quality of life and ease their suffering. It’s very unjust to keep people away from something that is so effective.

If your doctor can prescribe you a highly toxic pharmaceutical drug that could kill you, then why do we still struggle to access medical cannabis that has proven to be non-lethal?

All those regulations are ways to prohibit people to get relief and get the help they need; we should end the suffering, the pain, the deaths and the injuries. Instead of ruining patients lives we should enhance the quality of their lives by providing access to all in need. People should have the right to use a medication if it helps them.

It’s not about if medical cannabis is better than current pharmaceutical drugs, it’s about having the maximum number of possibilities and options available for the one who is suffering, giving them the full potential to heal and get better.

No other drug has the same positive results as medical cannabis; it was used for therapeutic purposes on Kings and Queens for several cenutries so why are we restricting it’s medicinal use today?

Here are some of the conditions and symptoms that medical cannabis has helped people all around the world, take a look to see if cannabis as a medicine could also help you on your health journey.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Treating stress is one of the most well-known uses of cannabis medicine. Cannabis naturally reduces stress and restores the body’s balance, as it contains natural compounds that relax the mind, give pleasure and calm the nervous system.

If you have been suffering from chronic stress, you know how it affects the quality of your life. Using medicinal cannabis oil can change this reality for you. Chemical components in the cannabis plant work the same way as the natural cannabinoids in our own body, they activate the communication in our central nervous system which brings back the balance and reduce stress.

Cannabinoid treatment after a traumatic experience can minimise the stress receptors in our brain, preventing further sensory and emotional damage. Cannabis oil can help you to deal with life issue or even with PTSD; it allows ex soldiers to cope and to have a better quality of life after they finished serving the country.

Pain management

If you are suffering from chronic or excruciating pain, cannabis oil can be something for you.

There is evidence that cannabinoids can stop the neuronal transmission in pain pathways. Cannabis oil relieves pain and inflammation, fitting well with fibromyalgia treatment.

People used cannabis to help with pain management thousands of years ago. A single dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis oil three times daily for five days can dramatically reduce the intensity of pain.

Sleep management

Are you someo one who can’t sleep at night; you feel restless, and your sleep is disturbed? Cannabis oil might be the solution for you.

Cannabis oil helps to relax your body and heart rate so it will be easier to fall asleep.

Cannabis has a calming effect, helping with restlessness and thought processes, switching on your pleasure center. Cannabis is widely used to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, as it helps with controlling anxiety and fear in the brain and body.

Regulates your appetite

Cannabis is well known for enhancing appetite. Cannabis regulates your appetite and switches on your digestive system, making you feel hungry. So if you need to gain some weight medical cannabis can help. Cannabis switches on hormones that help you to feel hungry.

Cannabis medicine can also suppress appetite, depending on what hormones are switched on. So it can also help if you are concerned about your weight. Cannabis works well with chemotherapy and AIDS treatments, helping patients to recover.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The THC and CBD interact with the body, switching on the immune system in the gut. Medical cannabis can be added to your treatment plan if you’re suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

It is not the cure but it can help with the symptoms, some people are even saying that cannabinoid therapy is the most effective one.

Strengthens your heart

Medical cannabis improves your heart health by strengthening the cardiovascular system and getting rid of cholesterol. Cannabinoids stimulate antioxidant processes in the body, also causing blood vessels to relax and widen, giving your heart an extra health boost.

Adding cannabis medicine to your treatment plan can help to prevent heart attacks, stroke, hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions. Cannabis medicine can lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

Glaucoma and eye health

As you age, your eyes will age. In worst cases, aging can result in vision loss and blindness. One way to help yourself is to take cannabis oil to keep your eyes healthy. Cannabis oil helps with macular degeneration and it reduces glaucoma.

Cannabis benefits by lowering the intraocular pressure in the eye, this pressure when not treated can permanently damage your vision. Although cannabis works only for a short time, it is still a most natural way to keep the pressure down.

Skin and acne treatments

Cannabinoids help with lipid production, regulating skin moisture and acne. Cannabis oil-based products could be a smart addition to your skin treatment plan, as they promote skin cell renewal. Cannabis is also high in antioxidants, therefore helping your skin fight with free radicals, which cause skin aging.

Cancer treatment

Researchers show that cannabis has anti-cancer properties. Tests have shown that THC can help to cause cancer cells to die while leaving healthy cells untouched. This is a remarkable discovery. It can help stop the tumor growth and assist in pain and appetite management.

Although cannabis medicine is not yet officially approved as an anticancer medicine in Australia, it might be something that could still help you with your current cancer treatment, as cannabis works well with other procedures like chemotherapy.

Epilepsy and seizures

Cannabinoid CBD has been established as a safe and effective epilepsy treatment with only mild side effects. Cannabis has been used forcenturies in seizure treatment, but only now it has been more closely examined and tested for all its possibilities in treating people with epilepsy.

Cannabis helps with tremors, muscle spasms

Cannabinoids help with pain management and relaxation, slowing down tremors and helping restore motor skills. Cannabis medicine can improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms. The cannabis molecules can attach to receptors in your nerves controlling relaxation and relieving pain and spasms. Cannabis-based medicine works well with multiple sclerosis treatments.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Cannabis medicine can help people with dementia controlling their aggression and mood. Also, it’s a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have shown that THC appears to remove the Alzheimer’s hallmark amyloid plague improving learning in laboratory mice.

After stroke care

Cannabis can protect your brain by reducing the affected area after the traumatic event. Cannabinoids are that switch on the growth of brain cells in areas of damage or disease. CBD is a beneficial antioxidant helping with cognitive functioning and regulating inflammation and improving the blood flow.

Arthritis management

People with arthritis find help in cannabis oil medicine as it promotes relaxation, reduces pain and inflammations, therefore restoring the quality of life. For example, studies have shown that taking cannabis oil does not just lower the pain in the brain but also does the work in the joint itself; it’s a useful medicine for people in need.

The first step for you to get the medicine in Australia is to enquire with us to see which doctors you are able to visit, because the only way you can access medical cannabis is via specialist or doctor who is treating you. It’s because at the moment medical marijuana is prescribed as pharmaceutical medicine. When the doctor finds that medical cannabis is the right fit for your treatment plan, he will decide which drug to prescribe and applies for approval from TGA and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Depending on the substance you might need a Children and Young Person’s Care and Protection Act 1998 approval when dealing with kids. Products containing 2% or less of other cannabinoids do not require authorization from the Department Health. However, TGA approval is at the moment still needed.

You might be eligible for cannabis medicine if there is enough evidence that standard treatment has not been successful or that there is scientific guidance that shows the suitability of the drug to treat your condition. The doctor has to know the details of the product before applying such as active ingredients, strengths, dosage and of course quality and safety of the product. The products have to meet TGA’s quality standards.

Most medicinal cannabis products are not at this time available as registered prescription medicines in Australia, except Nabiximols. Cannabis products must be registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

For a particular product to become registered on the ARTG the sponsor needs to submit a dossier of evidence of the clinical efficacy, safety and manufacturing quality of a specific medicinal cannabis product to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

We hope that the overwhelming feedback from people who are getting better will open the minds and hearts of the lawmakers and politicians, so they will allow more access in Australia. We as humans have the right to healthcare that puts our needs and wants first.

Until then we are focused on helping provide medicine to those who are suffering!

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